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Despite a life well spent consuming rather large quantities of chocolate, making chocolates had never crossed my mind! A PR person for 25 years, it wasn’t until my son was about to go to university that I had that classic mid-life crisis and went on what seemed like every course imaginable, that is, until the day I spent making chocolates… that did change my life!

After much experimenting on friends and family, I decided to set up Urban Village Chocolates and give it a go. My husband Mark retired at just the wrong time and now works seven days a week with me! Neither of us realised just how much was involved running a small manufacturing business from the making of the chocolates to the packaging, legal compliance to marketing, financial management to business development – it goes on!

To begin with we focused very much on the local community, developing products slowly to test the market but now, and with five Gold Great Taste Awards under our belt, we’re really excited about the possibilities ahead. Who knows what the future brings? I certainly didn’t think it would be a house full of chocolate!

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